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Paulownia box (GIFT BOX)

FLY HIGH Original Folding Fan
Entirely handmade, authentic Kyoto folding fan with pouch.
Designed with a camellia motif that crosses over well to casual settings and both Western and Japanese styles.
Enjoy the refined aroma of aloeswood when you hold the fan.
The intricate design of thirty-five ribs creates a lovely, gentle breeze.
Adorned with the FLY HIGH logo in gold lacquer.
Each fan is delivered with a special fan pouch for storage.
*Pattern placement varies slightly with each piece.

The folding fan comes with your choice of twisted tassel to hang from the joint pin. A classic Japanese cultural element, these tassels exclusive to FLY HIGH are made from pure silk and have a soft, smooth feel that adds a refreshing accent to this fan.
Available in four colors: purple, cherry blossom, ecru, and light blue.
Special paulownia box is available for ¥1,100 if you would like to send this as a gift.

Length: approx. 19.5 cm
Width when open: approx. 35.5 cm
Number of ribs: 35
Aroma: aloeswood
Washi Japanese paper, bamboo, pure silk (tassel)
Country of origin
Japan (Kyoto)
Care Instructions
*To open, hold the fan in one hand and carefully open the ribs one at a time with the other.
*Be careful not to open with force as it may damage the joint pin and ribs.
*Please keep the fan away from liquids and moisture.
*Please use the pouch to store the fan in your bag to prevent water damage and friction wear and tear.
*The fan may lose shape due to humidity if left open for long periods.
*When not in use, store the fan closed with the supplied band inside the pouch and paper box.
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FLY HIGH Atelier & Shop

Eiko Alice launched her private brand, FLY HIGH, in 2019.Based on a travel theme, FLY HIGH makes clothing and other items that are perfect for your next adventure, wherever your destination may be. The high-quality items are all made with carefully selected materials. With a wish for customers to appreciate that quality with their own hands, Eiko Alice opened an atelier & shop in amakura’s Yuigahama on December 9, 2022. We hope you will visit the atelier found in a peaceful, quiet neighborhood right by the beach in Yuigahama. 

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